Our Vision Statement (Compassion, Integrity and Knowledge)


To help all our young people develop an exuberance for life and learning, to value honesty, compassion, respect for our neighbours and their property, whoever that neighbour may be.  We hope to instill a feeling of serenity, self-control and self-confidence. We aim to win and lose with equal grace and to be quick to say thank you and well done!

The school values a standard of individual excellence, respect and kindness for each member of the school community. The school environment is one which encourages personal responsibility and sets a relaxed and positive tone.

Dress code

All students and parents are aware of the dress code. If you are unaware of what is expected please reference our “documents” page and you can download a copy of the “Dress Code”.   All clothing must be labelled with the student’s name. All students will wear number one dress, for all school outings and special events.


Regular attendance is necessary for success. Attendance is taken each morning. Please call the school before 9:00am to let us know if your child will be away. After any period of absence it is the responsibility of the student to make up the missed work, including tests and homework assignments.


Students are expected to be on time all the time. This includes handing in assignments. Students who wish to leave school early or do not have assignments completed, need to bring a note from home to give to their homeroom teacher or have a note written in their homework books by a parent/guardian.


Clean hands are the number one defense in the prevention of illness including the H1N1 flu virus. Frequent hand-washing is encouraged throughout our facility. Washrooms are equipped with soap and water and each classroom is equipped with Hand Sanitizer Gel to ensure your child’s hands are kept clean while at school. In the event that your child experiences ANY flu or flu-like symptoms (including fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue, diarrhea and/or vomiting). Please DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL until they are symptom free. If your child has a fever of 38ºC (100.4ºF) or higher, please keep them at home until they have been FEVER-FREE WITHOUT MEDICATION for a minimum of 24 hours. You may be asked for a doctor’s note before your child may return to school after an illness to ensure that your child is not contagious.


Assemblies occur each Monday and Friday morning at 8:50am. On Monday one student from each class will be chosen to speak the “Friday File” at the Friday assembly. The “Friday File” is an account of the student’s activities throughout the week. Throughout the year, additional assemblies will be held for special events.

Parent / Teacher Interviews

It is the policy of the school that interviews can be arranged, at any time, by either the school or the parents.


Students are evaluated on an individual basis and many factors can come into play. Overall the student’s everyday work, tests, projects, assignments, and essays are the basis of the evaluation.

Promotion and Standards

Promotion at HPS requires that students successfully complete all of their subjects with a minimum overall average of 65%. Students who fail to meet this academic standard will be considered for promotion on an individual basis.

Report Cards

December: Graded individual report based on term and test results.

March: Graded individual report based on term and test results.

June: Final individual report encompassing the entire academic year.

Pre-K, Junior, and Senior Kindergarten report cards are given in December and June at the end of the School Term.


Students from grades 1 to 8 are given a homework book at the beginning of the term (a further replacement of the book will cost the student $8.00). All students are expected to write their homework assignments in their agenda and to take the agenda home each night. It is up to the students to have it available for the parents to view and to bring it back to school the next day.

Students from grades 9 to 12 are given assignment deadlines and are responsible for maintaining their own agenda. Assignment information is available within the Virtual High School website.


The home and school share in the important responsibility of teaching the child to come to school prepared to learn and to behave in a co-operative, responsible manner each day; both in class and on the school grounds. Students are required to be diligent in their studies, obedient and courteous to their teachers and respectful of other students.

Rights and Guidelines – “Code of Conduct”

Hillcrest Private School Human Rights and Guidelines are on file in the Principal’s office. Remember: There are no rights without responsibilities.

Students will not subject others to verbal or physical bullying or any form of harassment.
Students must respect the property of others.
Theft or vandalism of personal or school property is unacceptable.
Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. Assignments submitted to teachers must be the student’s own work.
Cheating is not acceptable.

There are consequences up to and including expulsion for students who contravene the School Code of Conduct.

Attendance on Stormy Days

Bad weather during the winter months can make it difficult for students to get to school. Parents must make the decision whether or not to send their children to school on such occasions. Parents, please call the school to let us know if your child will not be arriving.

Lost and Found

Lost articles may be claimed from the lost and found bins in the classrooms or the office. Students are advised not to bring valuable property to school. Please ensure that all items of clothing are labelled and that names are in all textbooks.