Over the past few years, Hillcrest has been working with N.A.S.A in a program which allows students to be involved in the space program. This program gave our students an inside look into space exploration and brought science to life! Hillcrest has always been a school that encourages students to develop a curious appetite for science.

Tomato Sphere Group (600 x 450)

We were then given the honour of interviewing Col. Hadfield. He is the only Canadian to be given the command of the space station. Being one of only 12 schools in Canada to be given this opportunity was incredible! Here are some of the questions that we asked him and his answers. We enjoyed our time with Col. Hadfield and are thankful of this precious time he gave to our students.

These videos have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed by clicking on the links provided below the question each student asked Col. Hadfield.


Q: Can you burp in space?


Q: What experiments will you be doing?

Q: What will we be doing with the space lab after we use it?

Q: What is the most amazing thing you have learned about space?




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