We are using a local business (Dufferin Apparel) as our main supplier of school uniforms.

The Hillcrest Private School apparel catalogue is now available to look at and order some of our “basic” uniform pieces ONLINE!! There will be a “spirit wear” section, with clothing for students, parents and teachers to wear and show our school PRIDE.

Click on the “Dufferin Apparel” logo below and you will be sent to our ONLINE catalogue store. Pick the Hillcrest Private School tab and our store will come up. Then you can browse and choose from our uniform selections. Let us know if you have any problems with your shopping in our online catalogue.


Specialty School Wear

There is a copy of the School Dress Code in the “Documents” page. Just open the PDF “Dress Code” and follow the guidelines when purchasing uniforms for you child to wear to school.

We have arranged through Dufferin Apparel that items can have our school crest or logo attached in various ways to bring out your school spirit in functional, seasonal apparel of your own.

The school crest can be attached to any jackets, hats, shirts and apparel you might have at a minimal cost. We are, at present, arranging with Dufferin Apparel to have a school catalogue with not only 50xschool uniforms but jackets, pants and “spirit” wear. The turn around for orders will be days and home delivery is being arranged as well, at a small cost. The catalogue will be not only available with your student information package, at the beginning of the school year, but also online with Dufferin Apparel and in the school office in paper form. We are hoping that this effort to make our school clothing fun and interesting, as well as easier to order and have delivered directly to you at home if wanted.

The website for Dufferin Apparel can be found by clicking on their logo.th_Dufferin

We are still NOT able to get a supplier for either pants or girls smocks and skirts that can provide what we need in a timely manner. However, Wal-mart and Children’s Place have blue pants and skirts in child sizes at reasonable prices, if this is what you are looking for.


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